Dry Lubricant

Nano Pro MT Dry Lubricant can be used anywhere where lubrication is needed but dust and dirt trapping oil residue is not. Its carriers flash off (evaporate) leaving behind a thin dry film of nanoscale lubricants with no oil to trap dirt and dust. Try it on Chains, Hinges, Sliding mechanisms, Trailer Connectors, and more.

Penetrating Lubricant

Nano Pro MT Penetrating Lubricant is the only Non-Flammable Penetrating Lubricant on the Market with Nano Technology. Its Nanoscale additives will penetrate and break the rustiest of bolts saving you both time and money while leaving behind a corrosion fighting Nanoscale lubricant. If this won't break it loose get a torch.

Lithium Complex High Temp / High Pressure Grease

Nano Pro MT Lithium Complex Grease with proprietary Nano materials is a NLGI #2 GC-LB rated grease with outstanding high temperature performance under extreme pressure. Available in sizes from 14 oz. to 400lb, it will redefine your expectations for Lithium Complex Greases.

Calcium Sulfonate Complex Marine Grease

This #2 Calcium Sulfonate Complex grease with proprietary Nano materials will handle the heat, load, and wet weather conditions. Its pumpable and carries a NLGI GC-LB rating, its operating range is wide from -40 to 500+ F.  While its impossible to find one grease for everything if you have heavy equipment, heavy trucks, mining equipment this one grease will handle it all.

Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer

Most oil products work by making things "slicker" using chemical additives that break down quickly under heat and pressure. Nano Pro MT Oil Stabilizer works different using revolutionary nanoscale additives to remove excessive damaging heat and friction that can wear your engine and lubricants out prematurely. Using military tested and field proven technology we are like no other on the market.

Nano Cool

Nano Cool is the only product in its class that utilizes proprietary mechanical nanoscale technology. Nano Cool utilizes  materials that will not break down like traditional chemical additives allowing its nanoscale particles to last the life of the antifreeze. It's safe for all types of antifreeze and has been field proven on everything from race cars to 400 Ton mining machines to improve the thermal efficiency of cooling systems.