What is a Nano Particle?

A Nanoparticle is a microscopic particle between 1-100 Nanometers in size in any one dimension.

How small is a Nanometer when compared to real life objects?

Just how small is “nano?” In the International System of Units, the prefix "nano" means one-billionth, or 10-9; therefore, one nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. It’s difficult to imagine just how small that is, so here are some examples:

  • A sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick
  • A strand of human DNA is 2.5 nanometers in diameter
  • There are 25,400,000 nanometers in one inch
  • A human hair is approximately 80,000- 100,000 nanometers wide
  • On a comparative scale, if the diameter of a marble was one nanometer, then diameter of the Earth would be about one meter

Why is this important and how does it help me?

  • Increased surface areas for superior Thermal Efficiency:

Think about an Iceberg, when you have a large block of ice it takes a very long time to melt. But take the same iceberg and break in in to tiny ice chips and it will melt much faster. Nano Pro MT Nano particles help your engine remove lubricant destroying heat light years faster than traditional lubricants. By taking the heat out things last longer.


  • Increased Surface area for Load Bearing:

Think about a semi-truck carrying an oversized load, the more axles and tires you put under it to spread out the load the more load you can carry. Nano Pro MT Nano materials transform the fluids and greases to outperform the competition.

  • Decreased heat and wear by changing friction points from Sliding to Rolling in all mechanical devices:

Nano Pro MT’s Nano Particles change friction points from sliding to rolling in all mechanical devices. Allowing them to run smoother with less heat and friction to rip apart the lubricants additive pack.

Example: Without Nano Pro MT – It would be like sliding a heavy box across rough concrete, a lot of friction and wear. With Nano Pro MT it would be like sliding a heavy box across rough concrete covered in billions of Nano sized ball bearings. Less Friction, Less Wear, Lower Heat and the box will last longer.

  • Reduction in Cumulative Vibration:

Many people call into us to say their vehicle are running smoother after using Nano Pro MT products. You’re not imagining things, with billions of Nano Materials working hard vibrational energy can be reduced by over 30% depending on the application.  Nano Pro MT’s nano materials work like billions of tiny shock absorbers reducing the vibrations in gearsets, liquid bath wheel bearings, engines and more.