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In the heat of combat, machinery must perform under pressure. It must take the heat, literally, and operate at temperatures most machines never reach: from -42° below to over 500° F. Equipment failures can cost lives and millions of dollars.

Working in conjunction with the U.S. military and with Boeing Phantom Works, NanoProMT is engineering products specifically designed to meet strict requirements and rigorous demands of cutting-edge institutions. And we’ve been put to test, undergoing extensive lab- and field-testing that has led to military-grade formulas being applied to all NanoProMT products.

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NanoProMT performs in the most extreme industries and applications, including heavy-wear machinery and hardware. With extended use over time and prolonged exposure to high heat, standard lubricants break down and stop protecting. But our specially engineered nanoparticles eliminate these problems, delivering superior penetration for complete coverage that protects longer without altering any dimensional surface tolerance.

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and drilling
  • Marine
  • Material Handling
  • National Defense
  • Trucking


Race engineers log hundreds of hours and spend millions of dollars on wind-tunnel and track testing to find performance gains measured in fractions of a percent. Running NanoWater in race vehicles can improve heat rejection by 30%, dropping the operating water temperature by up to 5ºF*. In an environment where every bit counts, these types of gains can make the difference between finishing first, and not finishing at all.

NanoWater is field-proven, used in the Rolex Grand-Am sports car series for two seasons for marked thermal gains. This improved performance allowed the team to use less air for the same engine cooling, resulting in less drag for higher straightaway speeds and more downforce for higher corner speeds. Let us show you how NanoProMT can also give your team an edge.

*Results obtained in third-party testing with the RAM & System Assessment Divisionof the U.S. Army.


Aircraft must perform in the severe temperatures of frozen runways, hot desert airstrips, and everything in between. NanoProMT delivers universal high performance under these extreme operating conditions to protect highly stressed, flight-critical rotating components. Our aviation grease can increase thermal conductivity by 39% and reduce scarring by 28% over standard aviation grease, drastically reducing friction and wear to keep aircraft flight-ready and operating safely, longer.*

NanoProMT Aviation Gear Oil is FIELD-PROVEN and specially formulated for the AH-64 Apache helicopter to reduce the operating temperature of the gearbox by 40-50˚ F. This improved performance allows the military to stay in flight for extended missions, run at higher RPMs, and perform fewer maintenance cycles. Let us show you how NanoProMT can also give your team an edge.

*Results obtained in third-party testing with the RAM & System Assessment Division of the U.S. Army and the ASTM D2266 4-ball testing protocol.


The average class 8 highway truck logs 68,000 miles per year. That kind of mileage can cause extreme wear on the engine, wheel bearings, and other essential parts like the fifth wheel plate and locks. Under lubrication of the fifth wheel can prevent the king pin from securely latching and the trailer from pivoting – potentially causing a serious accident under normal operating conditions. But when properly lubricated, up to 95% of fifth wheel “on road” failures can be eliminated. NanoProMT protects and lubricates deep – reducing friction to extend duty cycles, improving fuel economy, and reducing breakdowns and accidents.

Nano ProMT oil additive is FIELD-PROVEN on Mack MP7 diesel engines, extending oil change intervals by 3 times for a cost savings of over $1,000 by eliminating replacement oil, filters and labor per vehicle. At just $130 a bottle, that’s a 675% ROI. Let us show you how NanoProMT can drastically eliminate maintenance cost for your fleet.

*Results obtained in third-party testing.


Specially created for marine applications, such as wheel bearings, water pumps, hinges, winches, and chain reels, NanoProMT’s water-insoluble formula provides the highest grade (1A*) protection against oxidation and corrosion, even in the harshest marine environments, with maximum stability and load-bearing protection of up to 800 kg (twice that of traditional lubricants)*.

NanoProMT is FIELD-PROVEN in one of America’s largest family indoor water parks, with pumps running 250 gallons of water per minute, year-round to entertain guests. That’s a lot of pressure. Our Marine Grease meets the challenge, reducing bearing loads and amperage, resulting in 67% less annual maintenance, and NO catastrophic failures. Let us show you how NanoProMT can also keep you up and running.

* Results were obtained in compliance with ASTM D2596 4-ball wield load-testing and ASTM 1732 rust-testing protocols.


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